Friday, February 19, 2010

Snow and Ice in Tennessee

It's been an interesting transition being back in the South. Though I always considered myself a Southern Girl, and why not I born and raised in Tennessee, I got use to living in Indiana. I got use to meeting someone new and being told I had a southern accent. I especially liked it when I was told it was a beautiful accent, instead of saying I sound like a hick. I also got use to having snow and very few snow days built into the school calender, try 3 for all you Tennesseans. It's has been interesting being back here and having 10 snow days built into the calender. I mean who really needs that many, try my old home town. Anyway, I got use to the fact that school would go until June bacause there were not enough days built into the calender and that you better not plan vacations until weeks after the end of the school year cause you just never know what might happen. But down here historically we get very little snow. But this year it has been a very interesting winter. And it has been interesting trying to figure out what the school board takes into account when closing school. We had one day when school was closed just for the threat of a major storm, it didn't happen. We did have a really good snow and ice storm that provided us with several days off, probably longer than really necessary. Our thrid storm of the winter happened just last week but I think it was light enough that we should have gone back to school on Tuesday instead of Wednesday but I guess they were worried that the stuff melting would refreeze and be hazardous. So it's been an adjustment going from thinking school should be out to thinking school should really be in session. I glad that our school board seems to be thinking on the side of caution instead of making sure we don't have any extra days. I just wish that Indiana had done what Rutherford County does and just added 10 minutes each day to build up their snow days to 10 days ove the course of the year. That way there are plenty of snow days. Though from what I have understood from my friends in Columbus, IN they are all going a little stir crazy with all the snow and snow days they have received. I miss being able to make tunnels in all that snow though, I don't miss it's seemingly never ending pressence. Enjoy our little bit of SNOW with a lot of ICE.

The drainage ditch behind our house. It's not full all the time but it's pretty in the snow and ice.

Our ice covered fence.

Our iced shut mail box. It took a little work in order for us to receive our mail from our mailman.

Look at those baby blues.

Abby is showing off the ice layers over the snow. They were very disappointed that they couldn't build a snowman.

Abby and Elizabeth playing together.

I really wish that I had been able to get pictures of Gabe playing in the snow but unfortunately Gabe was sick and didn't feel like playing at all. Maybe we will have one more that is enough to be played in. Though to be honest I am looking forward to Spring and warmer weather.

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