Sunday, February 21, 2010

Sewing Storm

I have had a lot of fun getting back into sewing. I just recently took a Bubble Dress class that was so much fun and the dressed turned out so C-U-T-E!! I have always enjoyed sewing but didn't always take the time to sew. I think I got stuck in a rut with my sewing. In Indiana there wasn't a sewing shop that taught classes on heirloom and garment making, just quilting. And I didn't have the confidence to try making something on my own, just in case I messed up and this held me back. But now that I have a sewing shop that teaches both of these things as well as quilting, I am taking class and making dresses. I have completed Elizabeth's Easter dress and have almost finished Abby's, which I would have already finished if I hadn't run out of the right color thread. But I did finished Abby's A-line dress for picture day last Friday. I also made a matching headband and flower barrett. She looked so cute even if I do say so myself. I am planning on making pajama pants for the kids out of the softest fabric called minkie. The girls will have a pink and I found a camo print for gabe. I can't wait to get it cut out and put together. So anyway here are the pictures of the girl's dresses I have finished. And both will have the matching to the other as soon as I get it done.

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Aubrey said...

Adorable Carmen!!