Monday, January 11, 2010

What Little Love Bug Recently Turned Three??

Little Elizabeth bug, that's who!!! My youngest little joy is now three. The day was much like the day she was born, the weather that is, it was rainy and cold. The celebration of her birthday was just as exciting. The house was decorated for her when she came downstairs on the morning of her birthday.

We had pancakes, her favorite breakfast, decorated just for her birthday.

We even added candles to make it extra special.

After cleaning up and getting dressed it was off to her very special gift from her grandparents and parents.

It's was the only thing she asked for too!

After having fun with her new "car", she didn't ask for much did she? We went inside for some R & R, i.e. nap time. After nap time it was time for pizza and cookie cake.

And of course a couple more presents from her siblings, Gabe and Abby.

She got Barbies and furniture for her Barbie house. We think she had a great birthday and I think she did too!!

Happy Birthday my Lil' Bit Elizabeth, who actually informed us that she is no longer Lil' Bit she is Big Lil' Bit.


Aubrey said...

Great pictures of Big Lil' Bit. It looks like her birthday was great.

Jane Anne said...

Looks like a wonderful birthday to me! Your kids sure have grown. Elizabeth is going to have a blast with that car.