Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Mmmm, Mmmm Good Banana Bread- Tasty Tuesday

For some reason lately the kids have not been eating the bananas. Usually they are gone within days of buying them but lately they just sit in the fruit bowl wanting to be eaten. Actually begging to be eaten. Until they are so brown that no one in their right mind would eat them just out of the peel. So it's banana bread time. My mother just gave me an AWESOME banana bread recipe. It is so delicious that it is eaten within minutes of cooling from the oven. The following are pictures of my youngest kitchen helper, Elizabeth, helping to make a loaf of banana bread.
Beating the eggs. She is concentrating so hard on her task even though she knows I am taking her picture.
Using the mixer. She is just so proud of herself for using an adult kitchen tool.
Mixing up the dry ingredients.
Waiting for it to come out. When will it be ready mom?

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Jane Anne said...

Oh, I bet it was delicious. Such sweet pictures!