Monday, October 26, 2009

Back In The South Again

Well we've moved back to Tennessee. We have unpacked and are getting settled into our new home. The garage is the next big thing to tackle but every time we step in their we just throw up our hands and walk away. We may just wait on that one room until the spring when we don't have so much going on. Gabe's room is still pink much to his dismay but I hope to take care of this soon. I have been waiting until most everything else is unpacked and put away. I may see if Matt would like to visit his family for the weekend with the kids so that I can paint in peace. But that will have to wait too.

The kids have been in school almost two weeks now and seem to be adjusting just fine. Only occasionally do I hear that the kids miss their friends, and this is usually from Abby. There are not many girls in her new class. Gabe is enjoying his class and comes home almost everyday with dirty knees from playing football during recess. This is good to see. There are a lot of kids in our new neighborhood who are the same age as ours and they have enjoyed playing with their new neighbors.

I have joined a new MOPS group here and have enjoyed it so far. I was so involved in our previous one and knew so many people it's odd being the outsider again. I am trying to get involved here as well but am also trying to take it slow. Elizabeth and I went to the park and painted pumpkins with the MOPS group this morning. And Elizabeth made a friend. I am hoping that I will bond with a few of these women like I did in my previous MOPS group. I just loved that group and miss them all so much.

This past weekend we attended the Homecoming Festivities at my husband's and my Alma Mater, Middle Tennessee State University (MTSU). Which on a side note now serves more undergrads than the other better known universities in Tennessee. We got up bright and early in order to watch the parade, tailgate with friends from out college days, thanks to facebook bringing us all together this year and then headed home to become very disappointed in the VOLS loss to BAMA. We later used a babysitter with a friend and headed out to Matt's old stomping grounds for a party and much reminiscing. All in all it was a great weekend.

I will be posting pictures soon.

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Carrie said...

Aw...Carmen, we miss you! Sounds like you are getting settled and beginning to make new friends already! That's great! It's so nice that you are much closer to family...and can't wait to see pics of your new house! Have a wonderful weekend! {I went to Target this morning...and still felt like I would surely see you there! Miss that!}