Thursday, May 14, 2009

Turning Seven Years Old

This is a picture of Gabriel after we came home from the hospital. In this picture he was 8 days old. This was one of Gabriel's favorite napping spots as an infant. Even as he grew into his toddler years he enjoyed having his dad nap with him. (smile...sniff,

Today my little boy is turning seven years old. My how fast the years go. Gabriel is a sweet and loving boy. He is always concerned about others and befriends people easily. His teacher says that he is a true leader in the classroom, and is always helpful and courteous to his classmates. Gabriel has really begun to flourish in his reading skills and has developed a love for learning about animals and the world around him.

Our birthday flag we hang for each and every birthday. The kids love this tradition.

Gabriel enjoys playing on the Wii and Playstation, when he is allowed. His favorite game being Lego Star Wars or Lego Indiana Jones. He loves being outside playing with his sisters and the other neighborhood children. He loves riding his bike and rides his bike to school almost everyday. He is encouraging Abby as she learns to ride without training wheels and can't wait for them both to be able to go around the block together. He loves Tennessee football, thanks to his dad and grandfather. And thanks to his grandparents, he now knows every Tennessee song there is and can sing them by heart (sigh). If I have to hear Rocky Top again at 6:30 in the morning I might just scream. Gabriel is also very into Star Wars and Army men. You can bet if it is Star Wars or Camo/Army he will love it. In fact he couldn't wait to try the MRE he received at boy scouts just because an "army man" gave it to him.

Gabriel enjoying his MRE (Meal Ready-to-Eat).

Today we took cup cakes to his class. As you can imagine everyone was excited to see us , and who wouldn't be, we were bearing cupcakes and juice. Gabriel relished in the fact that it was his day, and being able to share a special event with his class was so exciting for him. Though he had finished his cupcake before I was able to get back around with the camera. I did however get a picture of him showing off his Iron Man ring.

Gabe showing off his Iron Man ring.

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Carrie said... stop the time for a moment :)

He really has grown up! How cute with him and Matt and the cat all snuggled up in the chair.

Happy Birthday Gabriel!