Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Matt Has His MBA

For the past six years Matt has been working towards receiving his MBA. This weekend that dream was accomplished, with Matt graduating from the University of Indiana. Matt graduated second in his class with a 3.958 GPA. He started working on his MBA for his dad who has always encouraged him to continue his education. Our weekend was filled with his family joining us to celebrate this momentous occasion. His brother's family flew in from Washington D.C. and his parents drove up from Knoxville. It meant so much to Matt to have his parents and brother present at his graduation.
For us it has not fully sunken in that Matt's weekends will no longer be filled with studying, writing papers or working on assignments for his most recent group project. Gabe asked his dad last night if he had class the following night. Matt was able to reply, "I don't have class tomorrow night, or the next or the next or the next. I don't have any more classes." I think it will mean the most to Gabe because he still remembers when Matt didn't have classes. For both of the girls this will be a new experience. And it will be such a huge change for the entire family. We are looking forward to it.

One of Matt's requests was to have a picture taken with all three of his kids in his cap and gown. Can you tell by the look on Gabe's face how proud he is of his Daddy? I sure see it. The girls were pretty excited too.

This one is of Matt and his brother. Now both of them have a Masters. And their father couldn't be happier. Now he's trying to push one of them into getting a doctorate. I really don't think Matt will be heading down that path anytime soon.

And the final picture is of the family. I couldn't be more proud of my husband. I also couldn't be more relieved. I know that Matt share that sentiment.


Carrie said...

Yahoo! That is awesome! Congratulations! Happy free weekends and weeknights...yippee!

I love all the pictures! What a proud, sweet family :)

Jane Anne said...

Congratulations to Matt!! And, really Congrats to the whole family- bet it will be nice to have more family time now.

(So happy to have you blogging again. Missed you!)

Doug McCaughan said...