Wednesday, May 13, 2009

9th Annual Elementary Fitness Run at Mill Race Park

About two months ago Gabriel received a paper from school about a new club that was forming, it was called the Fitness Club. He let me know that he wanted to do it. When I asked him why he said it was because he wanted to get healthy...I guess I'm doing something right. Later I found out that the fit club was actually training for a 1/2 mile run that was to be run on Mother's Day weekend. Gabe was not a runner, in fact he hated running but insisted that this was something he wanted to do. We signed him up and then Matt and I discussed whether or not we were going to allow him to quit if he decided he didn't want to do this after all. We never had to broach that subject with him, much to our surprise. In fact he loved it and was upset when the Fitness Club was rained out.
On the day of the race we reminded Gabriel to keep a steady pace and not to run full out at the beginning. In the beginning Gabe was in the back of the pack to start and at the end he was in the middle and passing people. That is until he met up with a friend from class and they started playing/jostling with each other. I was so proud that Gabe finished the race and at a run no less and did so well that I started crying. Which everyone in the family enjoyed making fun of, but I was a proud mama.
I have included a video of the end of the run and some picture throughout the morning. Gabe was also extremely happy that his Grandparents were able to see him run.


Carrie said...

Aww, Carmen, that made me a little teary-eyed too! I know the feeling you're talking about...that is awesome! Way to go, Gabe!

{LOL at the music!}

Aubrey said...

Way to go, Gabe! Awesome job! I would have cried too.