Friday, May 29, 2009

The Ants Go Marching

Who knew that ants crawling around could keep the kids entertained for hours, well minutes really, but they did. Gabriel noticed the ants crawling on the ground and called his sisters over to watch them. And watch them they did.

And watched some more. They were trying to figure out where the ants were going. They were fascinated.

Then they feed them with some cracker crumbs. They loved seeing the ants carry crumbs bigger than the ant itself.

Gabriel and Abby decided the ants need help in gathering the food so they started moving the crumbs closer to where they assumed the home is located. A crack in the patio.

Even little Elizabeth joined in the excitement. She was delighted with the ants crawling around gathering up their food. Abby did lose a little of her excitement when she realized that the ants were crawling all over her hair. She even let out a scream to show her dissatisfaction with the ants. Not that it bothered them.


Carrie said...

I seriously cannot almost tell Abby and Elizabeth apart!

I love watching ants, too! I wish they could work that hard at cleaning up my house...instead of invading it! we keep finding little ants in our house. Maybe I should start my own ant farm like Life in the Carpool Lane...{is she reading this? LOL!}

Have a great weekend!

Carey-Life in the Carpool Lane said...

Aha! I've found you!

You were so sweet to start following my blog and leaving comments awhile ago. And I hadn't been able to reciprocate because your profile leads me to the MOPS blog you host.

So I finally had a little pow-wow with Carrie and she told me where to find you.

Your kiddos are too cute! Love the pics of them studying the ants. I have a little something similar on my blog today too!

Now that I know how to find you, I'll be back.

Jane Anne said...

The ants were crawling in her hair!!!! Oh my, I can't think about that. These are great pictures.

Here's how it used to work in my house. David was scared of all things insect. Jonathan would inspect them and watch them forever. And, all the while he was checking them out he was begging me to keep Thomas away. Then, he would say, Ok, you can show Thomas now. Then, Thomas would run over and stomp on them - or pick them up. Either way, whatever bug it was didn't stand a chance.

The only thing that has changed is that David isn't scared of bugs anymore. (He's still extremely frightened of bees and wasps though. I look forward to him getting over that.)