Sunday, February 01, 2009

Gabe's Pinebox Derby Race

Gabe just had a great weekend. He won the Pinebox Derby Race with his truck! We couldn't believe it. We didn't put a whole lot of time into it and we didn't do all the things you are 'suppose' to do to make a fast car. We took this as a learning experience. But yesterday, he won his Den race hands down. He then we on to compete in the Pack race and won 4th place, which we thought was fantastic. He was all smiles yesterday. Now both he and Matt are having dreams of winning next year. Next weekend we will be competing in the District Pinewood Derby Races at the Fair Oaks Mall.

The boys cars in the "impound" awaiting their racing time. These are the 3 cars Gabe raced against. We knew he would get a trophy since there were only 3 boys in his den, but did not tell him that. Gabe's is the camo truck.

Gabe placing his truck on the track for his big race. Look at how serious he is being.

Gabe and his first place trophy.


CarMar said...

that looks like fun! Congratulations to Gabe! I'll be rooting for him next week :)

u mark said...

i built a truck too Gabe but mine did poorly --great job!