Thursday, January 29, 2009

Thanks Tank Thursday

Thanks to Jane Anne over at Gravity of Motion I started doing a Thursday Thanks Tank. I use this time to reflect on all the things I have to be thankful for. It has been a tremendously helpful tool for me to realize all the good things in life. Right now with today's economy and job outlook it is especially rewarding and helps me focus more on the good than the bad. I hope that you enjoy this post and it helps to remind you of he good things in your life and that you take the time to be thankful. Thanks for stopping by.

1. Snow Days: I have been wanting snow all winter long. My kids have been wanting snow all winter long. On Tuesday night we finally got the snow we had been wishing for. We got almost 11 inches of the white stuff and have had so much fun playing in it.

2. Family Time: With the whole family being snowed in we have had a lot of family time. Though today I would love to get out of the house I have enjoyed spending time with my kids and not "needing" to go somewhere for errands or activities.

3. Siblings Playing Together: I have enjoyed watching the kids play and have fun with each other. There has been a minimal amount of fighting taking in the consideration that the kids have been with each other for 24/7 for three days now.

4. Laughter: I have loved listening to the laughter in the house the past couple of days. Matt has even joined in the fun when his work has allowed.

5. Matt and the kids: I was so glad that Matt was able to take some time yesterday to play with the kids. He helped the kids build a snow tunnel and then sledded with them down the driveway. It has been so much fun seeing Matt relax just a little in the past couple of days.

6. Helpful Matt: Matt has been tremendously helpful this week. He has been taking it upon himself to help with dinner and to pick up more. He even put the kids to bed last night since my knee has been bothering me. (I may be going to the doctor soon about that one.)

7. Hot Chocolate: The kids have really been enjoying their hot chocolate when they come in from outside. I'm beginning to think that they go out and come in so often because they want the hot chocolate with marshmallows, and not because they are cold.

8. My recent changes: I have been changing a lot of habits lately. I have been feeling more in control of my habits as of late and it is making me feel more confident and powerful.

9. Finding Comfort: I have found a good routine for myself and it has made me more comfortable with the daily happenings.

10. Facebook: I have really been enjoying FB. It is still a lot of fun getting back in touch with people I had lost contact with. Sometimes it makes me feel young again and then at other times I feel so old.

11. Pictures: I am so glad we are able to document so many things with all our pictures. I love looking back at pictures and seeing how much everyone has changed.

12. My 3 Kids: I am so thankful for the wonderful kids Matt and I have made together. I don't think that our lives would have been complete without them. They bring us so much joy and laughter, and sometimes a little too much of ourselves to our lives.

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