Thursday, October 09, 2008

Thanks Tank Thursday

Here are a few of the things that I am thankful right now.

1. The kids are quietly watching Calliou dressed and ready for bed. It's nice that there is something all three will watch so that I can get some things accomplished before the bedtime routines hit.
2. Gabriel enjoying his books. Lately, I have been finding him reading a book without having been told to do so. This makes me smile. I love getting lost in a good book.
3. Today's Fall Festival meeting went really well and I think the next two weeks should go well with the final preparations.
4. Gabriel is excited about the prospect of earning his tiger badge. He's been practicing so hard and it seems he will be ready to earn it at his next meeting. It has also been nice to be able to use the Boy Scout motto when doing his school work. Sneaky I know but it works.
5. Fall Break next week. With no school on Thursday or Friday we are heading to Tennessee for a quick visit to see our families. We won't be there long so we probably won't be doing much.
6. Praying. I've been doing a lot of praying lately. Some of it has been for others but some of it has been for me as well. It has done me a lot of good in so many ways. And some of those prayers have been answered.
7. Knitting Lessons: I will be starting knitting lessons when I get back from fall break. One of the Mentors from MOPs will be teaching me. I can't wait!

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Jane Anne said...

Jonathan absolutely loves cub scouts, too. It is so fun to see him excited about earning badges and awards.
I have been spending more time in prayer this week, too. It is sad how often I forget how important it is to pray about everything!

I am glad you are having a good week! Great list!