Saturday, September 27, 2008

Wii Thoughts

For Gabriel's last birthday we bought him a Wii. He has loved it. I think his favorite game is Legos Star Wars. My favorite is the Wii Sports namely tennis. I feel really old and decripit when Gabriel scores a much better Wii Fit Age than I do. Though I do have to say neither one of our Wii Fit Ages are anywhere close to our true ages. I guess we will both have to try a little harder.

Yesterday, we went to Target to pick up a few items. Gabriel asked if we could walk through the toys and look at Wii games too. He spotted the Legos Batman and now wants that. I still think he would have a blast with MarioKart. I had fun last week with the DDR that our local Kids Museum has available.

Even my dad when he was up here last weekend played on the Wii. He had fun bowling and beating all of us. Video games have never been his thing but he even asked to play when Gabriel wasn't playing. So I guess he must have liked it.

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Jane Anne said...

Our whole family loves Mario Kart. I am not any good at it but it is a TON of fun! The boys really want Lego Batman, too.