Thursday, September 18, 2008

Thanks Tank Thursday

There are so many wonderful things happening this week that I am thankful for. Here's my list for this week.

1. Knowing and being able to use my CPR training when needed.

2. Having a good ped. doctor.

3. Having our basement back and then kids playing down there.

4. My parents coming for a visit and to see Gabriel's last football game.

5. My MOPs group. I do kinda miss steering but am now a discussion group leader.

6. Such caring and loving Moppets teachers. Elizabeth loves her teachers and it's actually the sae teacher she had last year. This is such a blessing for us since she's been crying most days when she is dropped off at pre-school.

7. Hot tea at night.

8. My Bible Study class starting back with my MOPs group.

9. I am thankful for my Fall Festival Committee. They are being such a big help and doing a great job of pulling their weight.

10. Being able to see the bottom of my laundry hamper.

11. A partially clean house. Hopefully, I will finish before my parents get here tomorrow night.

That's it for this week. I hope that you take the time to think of all the wonderful things, even the small ones, that God has given us.

1 comment:

Jane Anne said...

#10 - now that IS something to be thankful for!! I can only imagine how happy I would be. :)

Read the CPR story on FB. I am so impressed. You are now officially "Super Mom"!!