Friday, August 15, 2008

Week In Pictures

The first set of pictures are from Gabriel's first flag football game. At least during the game he didn't try to tackle anyone. He also had a great time. It was a very relaxed game that is geared toward teaching the kids the game of football. The coaches were the refs and this set was layed back and let each team score pretty evenly. So it made it fun. From what I understand about next year it won't be as laid back and they will be playing tackle. I guess we shall wait and see if this is something he wants to do next year as well.

This set is from one of our local playgrounds. It was finished last Fall and it is loved by the kids. It is also close enough for us to walk to from our house. We took a trip here on Sunday afternoon with Mimi and had a blast.

This last slide is Abby before and after surgery. She was a brave little girl and woke up after surgery smiling at the nurses. She was ready to go home once she got back with us so she ate her popcicle and drank her juice and we were gone shortly after that. She only took two doeses of her pain medicine and was running around the house, much to Matt's dismay, that afternoon. She has barely stopped and wants to do everything even with the stitches on her thumbs. She can't wait until Wednesday when she can start doing her noraml things and can get her hands wet again.

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