Thursday, August 14, 2008

Thanks Tank Thursday

Another week is winding down and it is time once again to think about all that I am thankful for in this life. And boy there are so many. If you stop and think I am sure you can come up with several off the top of your head without even having to think too hard about it. I hope that you do too. This always seems to bring peace and joy to my heart even when it's been one of those weeks.

1. First Day of School: Gabriel had his first day of school today and boy was he excited. We walked to school which I hope we can do most everyday. He told me as we got to the door that I didn't need to walk in with him he knew the way. My boy sure is growing up. He is disappointed that he won't be riding the bus home this year but we live to close to the school so we will get to walk or ride our bikes instead.

2. First football game: Gabriel had his first football game last weekend and did really well. Score wasn't kept since it's considered a learning league, which I personally like, but they had a lot of fun.

3. Hand Srgery Going Well: Abby's hand surgery went very well on Monday. She cried as she left us but was happy soon after she arried in surgery. We were told that when she woke up after surgery she gave the nurses one of her killer smiles.

4. Organization: I am so gald that I have learned, for the most part, how to keep my life organized. I would miss mnay meetings and activities if I didn't keep things organized like I do.

5. Clean Kids Rooms: Today I really cleaned the kids rooms. Most of the time the kids just pic up their rooms and I vaccum and clean as needed. Today I went through and organized, went through both toys and clothes and cleaned. It feels really good to have that done. I feel really accomplished with that one.

6. Watching The Kids Greet Their Dad: I love watching the kids' faces light up and them running to greet their dad and give him big hugs. This is one of the great things about being a parent.

7. My Mom: My mom was such a huge help this week when Abby had her hand surgery. It helped all of us to have her here and for us to relax knowing that the other two kids were safe and sound. I was also able to attend a preschool board meeting the Tuesday after the surgery because she was there.

8. My brother and sister-in-law who called and said they were praying for Abby during her surgery and then called to check in on her afterwards. It was a very kind and thoughtful thing to do.

9. Fresh Bell Peppers: The kids have developed a love for red bell peppers. Since one red bell pepper cost around two dollars here we decided to grow some of our own. This last week they started getting ripe enough for us to eat and we are loving it. I just hope they keep this love for fresh vegetables. Matt and I are planning on building and planting our our vegetable garden for next year.

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Jane Anne said...

I am a bit behind on blog reading... so I am enjoying your thankful list on my relaxing Saturday. Wonderful list! I am especially impressed with the peppers. I look forward to having a garden. I thought about it this year but I just didn't get to it.
I am glad Abby's surgery went well!