Sunday, August 17, 2008

Exercise For the Family

We are within walking distance to Gabriel's school. In fact the buses won't even run through our neighborhood because we are so close. That's not a big deal. I have actually enjoyed walking with him to school even though it is sometimes quicker overall to drive. While my mom was here Gabriel finally really took off on riding his bike without training wheels. Now he is wanting to ride his bike everywhere. We let him ride his bike around the block since he won't be crossing over any streets that way and he still gets to go a fairly decent distance by himself. Anyway, last week he wanted to ride his bike to school. I let him but found myself having to run to keep up with him and I am not a runner. I came home and told Matt we really needed to purchase those bikes we had been talking about. So this weekend we bought two bikes and a trailer for the girls. We are considering buying a tandem bike for Abby to use when Matt is riding with us later. This has been a great purchase for us. Everytime we had any down time this weekend the kids or Matt and I said let's go for a ride. Yesterday we took a ride to the local playground and let the kids play before dinner. Today we took two 4 mile trips and boy are our rears hurting. I will be grateful if I can walk tomorrow. Not only did I move my weight around on the bike but I also pulled about 80 more pounds around behind me. It was good exercise and we all have really enjoyed it. I just hope that we continue these rides and that the kids continue to enjoy them.

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Anonymous said...

sounds like you guys are having a blast