Thursday, May 15, 2008

Gabriel's Birthday

Happy 6th Birthday Gabriel!!!

This is Gabriel at school eating cupcakes with his classmates. They have a real cute way to celebrate the kids birthdays. They each receive a birthday with a page from each of their classmates. They sign a Happy Birthday song and then all the kids pretend they are candles and the birthday person walks around blowing them out. Gabriel was especially glad that we (Elizabeth, Abby and I) were there.

Gabriel received his "Birthday Spanking" from Daddy and Elizabeth. He was laughing and wiggling the whole time. Everyone got to "spank" the Birthday Boy.

This was Gabriel's dinner of choice. He chose Hot Dogs, Broccoli and Onion Rings. We had apples for snack so he altered his menu from earlier.

These were Gabriel's Birthday Cupcakes. We called them dirt cupcakes. We were a little mean and told him that he was having dirt for his birthday cake... early and often. We told him this morning, we told him at lunch, we told him after nap, we told him before dinner. He was convinced we were having a cake made out of real yucky dirt. As we prepared a special hot dog dinner at the birthday boy's request, I walked over to the counter and picked up two ziplock bags. One was filled with dirt, the other with "dirt." I held up the bags as proof. "What is this, Gabe?" I asked, grinning. "DIRT!" He replied.
I put the bags down, and went back to putting broccoli, er, trees on the plates. Matt decided this would be fun to take a bit further. He went back over to the bags and got out a small spoonful of "dirt," put the bag down, and took the dirt bag over to Gabe. He handed Gabe the bag and had him confirm that it was, indeed, dirt. Then, Matt took a bite of the "dirt." The kids were in awe! Next, I decided Gabe needed some. We put the bags down, got another spoonful of "dirt" and had Gabe stand against the wall. We had him close his eyes, hold his nose and put it in. He spent 10 seconds gagging and trying to spit it out before Matt said, "Gabe, TASTE it!" Gabe stopped freaking out long enough to acknowledge what was in his mouth. He chewed a bit and swallowed, then said "Chocolate!" He was still convinced that, while what he had wasn't dirt, the cake still was.

This is Gabriel blowing out the candles and studying his cake. He is now beginning to realize that we were just kidding when we told him he was having dirt for dessert.

Gabriel was still hesitating when eating his cupcakes. But once he bit in...


Birthday Present time. What could be in those packages that I will Have fun with? Would you stop taking pictures so that I can open them please?

SWEET!! A Wii! More pictures of this fun later......


Uncle Stinky said...

Happy birthday from Uncle Stinky!

Jane Anne said...

Great Dirt Cupcakes! How Cute!! Looks like Gabriel and Seth got the same thing for their birthdays. He got his Wii as an early present (On Gabriel's birthday no less)!!

Anonymous said...

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