Monday, April 14, 2008

Hand Me Downs

It's always nice to have hand me downs, at least from my perspective. It helps us to save some money, but I do have to say it does not help to save time me time. Going through the clothes, washing them, folding them, and putting them away take a lot of time. Last night I went through the hand me downs from my sister's daughter Karoline for Abby, the hand me downs from both Abby and Karoline for Elizabeth and then also went through the clothes of Karoline, Abby and Elizabeth for our new niece Rexi. It's amazing how stains can appear on clothing while in storage, thank goodness for meat tenderizer and shout with Resolve. Now everyone is clothed for Spring, that is if it ever gets warm. Now I have to finish assessing what Abby and Elizabeth need. Cover your eyes Matt. I really want to go shopping, even if I'm not buying anything for me.

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