Monday, February 11, 2008

Summer Vacation

Today I booked our summer vacation to Cape San Blas, Florida. This is a beach area that is undeveloped tourist trap wise. It has houses and condos a couple of small resturants and a couple of gas stations. At the end of the Cape sits the St. Joseph Peninsula State Park. This area is truly an uncrowded family paradise with sparkling white sand beaches, clear water, beautiful dunes and sun sets. On the opposite side of the Peninsula sits the bay where you can fish, scallop, and take boat rides. In the past we have seen dolphin, sting rays, and sharks while riding in the boat and an abundance of other sea life while snorkeling in the bay including scallops, horse shoe crabs, blue crabs, sanddollars, sea urchins, and starfish. My family has been going to Cape San Blas on and off since I was in elementary school. We went back to this wonderful beach with the kids, my brother, sister and their kids and my parents two years ago. Now we will be going back again with the same group. Last time we even rented a ocean kayak which everyone had a wonderful time using. We have always rented a house and every house we have rented has been just beautiful and this years house I'm sure will be just as beautiful. So if you are in the mood and enjoy seclusion, then this is the beach for you.

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