Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Game Night

Tonight we played card game that was one of my childhood favorites as well as nemisis. I enjoyed playing but could never quite win even though I hit Uno often enough first. We always knew how to team up on the loser. Yeah, we played UNO. Matt even played along. Abby caught on real quickly to the fact that when she had one card left in her hand she was to say UNO. She had more difficulty with matching the colors and numbers. Gabriel could breeze his way through this game if he would only pay more attention to what is on the table and not what he would like to play, he kept trying to play his favorite card or just pulled one at random. And yet again I didn't win. Gabe won twice and Matt won once, though Matt and I tried to fix it so Abby would win but that didn't happen either. But I think we all had fun. I know the kids did.

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