Monday, December 03, 2007

Abby's Surgery

Tomorrow Abby will be heading to the surgery center to have her tonsils removed. Hopefully, she will do just as well this time as when she had her tubes put in and adnoids removed almost 2 years ago. (She was eating french fries in the hospital room while her brother wouldn't drink anything without being pushed for several days, he had all three done.) Anyway, we head to the surgery center a 6:45 and her surgery is scheduled for 8:00. Both my mom and dad came up from Tennessee to help out the other two kids so Matt and I could both go with Abby and not have to worry about naps and pick ups. So keep Abby in your thoughts and prayers. As Abby's cousin said in their prayers last night, "Let Abby's surgery not hurt her too much."

By the way, Dad is doing much better since he has been allowed to walk around on crutches though he can still only put weight on one foot. He spirits seem to be much better with this change.

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Jane Anne said...

I hope everything went well with Abby's surgery. I have been thinking about you and your sweet family.