Friday, November 16, 2007

Those Cards

I was in the basement store room thisafternoon trying to organize things in preparation for putting away the fall decorations and getting out the Christmas ones. I called Matt in to help me moe a couple of boxes. While he was moving the boxes he spotted the boxes that hold all of his baseball and basketball cards. (We have many issues over these cards by the way.) He pulled the box down and started going through them. He decided to hand some over to Gabe who has been collecting football cards. Matt started this little hobby too. Anyway, Gabriel asked about some cards and here is how that comversation went;

Gabriel: "What are those cards?"
Matt: "Those are just a bunch of crap cards."
Gabriel: "Can I have those crap cards?"

Me: "Good one, crap cards." (whispered)

I am still wondering, if they are a bunch of crap cards, why is he still holding onto them so tightly?

Moral: Don't day anything around kids you don't want repeated.

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Cathy said...

Don't you know that old baseball cards and comics are worth trillions of dollars? They're very rare. Found only in everyone's attics and garages.