Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Trick or Treating

We left the house at 6:00 to start our trick or treating excursion. We left that early for several reasons, other people started trick or treating so the kids were ready to get out there too, we needed to finish in time for Elizabeth to go to bed without the crankies, and I wanted to chat with Matt before he left for work. So far I have missed Matt online and Elizabeth got cranky before I was able to shut the door to the neighborhood trick or treaters. Hopefully, I won't have any tricks for closing my door and turning off the light at 7:15. Anyway, here are some of our better pictures. I know Matt is looking forward to seeing them since he had to miss Halloween two years in a row. It looks like he should be able to trick or treat next year though since it's on a Friday night. Oh, and btw the weather was perfect for trick or treating. Not too chilly and not too warm, just perfect.


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We ran out of candy and without Matt I couldn't very well hand it out, put Elizabeth to bed and get the other two ready for bed all at the sametime. So the ones who came early got lots.