Saturday, August 04, 2007

Nursing, Can Hurt

On Thursday morning I was nursing Elizabeth for her morning nap when she chomped down. I unlatched her and put her in her crib and walked out. She went to sleep without any fuss. That evening I started to nurse her for bedtime and she chomped down again, this time drawing blood.

Matt said it sounded like it was time to stop nursing. Another friend of mine said it could be a sign that she is ready to ween herself. I have been enjoying nursing this time around. It has been extremly easy and relaxing. Maybe that's because this is my last child and I am enjoying it more because of that or maybe it's because I have other moms in my life this time who are there or have been recently but, it could also be because I've gotten practice with the other two and it's just easier because of that and Elizabeth. I don't know what the reason is but I know I really want to try to make it to one year.

Anyone have any suggestions on how to get Elizabeth tostop biting me?

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Danny said...

Stop being so tasty.