Saturday, November 18, 2006

This Weekend Is Tree Decorating

This weekend we are going to put up the tree, it's a good thing it's fake. Yes, I know it's a little early yet but with Matt and the kids leaving the day after Thanksgiving I thought it would be a good idea to get it done while they are here. Gabriel is soooo excited to be putting up the tree. I asked him if he wanted to help or if he wanted me to do it. He said he wanted to help and that Abby and Daddy needed to help too. Matt is none to happy about this plan. He was pretty excited with knowledge that he would not be here for the decorating, the original plan was to bring the boxes upstairs and he would take them back down when he got home. But I felt that the kids should be able to participate if they wanted. And since we aren't having any company for Thanksgiving I didn't see any reason not to get a head start. I like this plan much better. I will have some help and I will be sure not to over do it since I can take my time. Matt will deal and he will have some fun in the process too. Even though he will gripe the whole time. The one year I did the tree by myself he was very upset that he didn't have a part in it, though he denies that every year when I bring it up.


Matt said...

That year does not exist. I despise the tree, the lights, the ornaments... a ton of work for something that eats up electricity, and has to be undone again in less that 2 months... ridiculous.

Carmom said...

Bahhumbug!!! You enjoy seeing the kids and me so happy and excited, even if you won't admit it.