Monday, November 20, 2006

Abby's Flu Shot

A couple of weeks ago Matt got his flu shot. His arm swelled where the shot was administered but nothing major.

Today I took Abby in for her flu shot, I would have taken Gabriel in as well but they are waiting for the dosage he needs. She was jovial walking into the room and the nurse said I hope she is still that way when she leaves. My thoughts were the same. I lifted Abby onto the table, pulled down her tights, and held her arms while leaning over her to give her kisses and reassurance. She teared up and whined when the shot entered her leg and then looks at me and said, "That hurt, Mommy." and then she was fine. I wish it would be that easy for Gabriel. I think I'm going to schedule it so that Matt can take him, he needs to experience the trauma just like me.

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umark said...

good job abby