Monday, May 15, 2006

Happy Birthday Gabriel!!!!

Today is Gabriel's 4th birthday and what a great 4 years we have had with him. Gabriel is such a loving child giving hugs to everyone he knows. He is always telling you that he loves you and sometimes that he will miss you.

Gabriel has been such a good big brother since the day we told him I was pregnant with Abby he would rub my belly and ask. "Is the baby still growing?" He loves to play with Abby and Abby with him. I enjoy watching the two of them seek each other out and enjoy each others company. Watching them run around the bean bag chasing each other and playing in the play kitchen while Gabriel calls Abby Mommy Abby.

He is curious and is always asking questions, even asking those questions he already knows the answer to. He loves playing with his friends and every morning he asks, "Where are we going today"? I think what he is really asking is who do I get to play with today?

Gabriel is also very sneaky. Many times at night he will get out of bed and roam the upstairs finding things to get into. Last night when I put Gabriel to bed I found two containers of eye shadow and a blush brush in his bed. We put a gate across his bedroom door in hopes of at least keeping him in his room but this didn't work either. Gabriel climbed over the fence and got some water and then used the stool from the bathroom to get back in. There are times that Matt and I are at a loss as to what to do with him.

But we always remind ourselves that in the overall picture Gabriel is loving and kind. And we also remind ourselves that he is only 4 years old. He is still learning and growing and we have to be good examples to him.

Gabriel I love you so very much. You have been such a joy to me. I love being your mother and though I wish you wouldn't get into trouble so much I wouldn't change anything about you. I hope you have a joyous birthday and that you know how much you are loved.

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etsuko said...

Happy Birthday, Gabriel!!