Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Catnip, Where's the Catnip?

Last weekend Matt picked up some catnip for the kitties. He gave them some outside and then left the bag on the kitchen counter. Later that day I found Silly, who normally does not jump on the counter, on the counter. He has ripped open the bag and is really enjoying himself. I knocked him off the counter, cleaned up the catnip and put it in a new bag. I then put the bag in the cabinet. Then I started finding Oliver on the counter. He was sniffing around trying to find the catnip he could smell. And then yesterday I came home to find half the roll of paper towels rolled off the roll. (The roll is under the cabinet the catnip is in.) I guess the cats were trying to find a way into the closet. I have now moved the catnip into the utility closet.

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jcares said...

Just saying hey! Hope things are well with you two.