Saturday, February 18, 2006

My health update

I went to the doctor on Friday to have him look at the rash that started because of the adhesives and then started spreading, probably because of the amount of Benadryl I was taking. The doctorr walked into the room after a relatively short wait and looked at me saying, "From everything I have heard you should not be looking this good." I told him that if the itching would go away I would be just fine. He looked at the area and said, "Wow, you have really sensitive skin." To which I replied, "Yes, we found that out with my first C-section. My being allergic to adhesives especially steri strips should have been on my chart. We told the nurse that before going back to surgery." He didn't have a relpy to that but apologized as much as he could without admitting fault. Which was all I needed. Anyway the rest of our conversation was about how the tumor could come back and if it did it would come back in the same place. He also said we would have to watch out for hernia in the same spot because of how much muscle he had to take out with the tumor. I started to ask him how I should go about lifting more than 10lbs. since my 2 weeks was over and he said I have 6 weeks of no lifting. So that put me back a bit with all my help leaving. I called Matt to let him know and we are now going to get on the ball of getting Abby's room ready with a big girl bed so that I won't have to lift her during naptimes when I'm at home alone. So there is my update on how things are going here. Hopefully since everyone in the family has had surgery this past year we will be through for a while. Thanks again for all your thoughts and prayers.

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