Sunday, February 19, 2006

Gabriel's First Movie

Okay, so I took Gabriel to see his first movie in a theatre today. We saw Curious George. After seeing the music video many times and Gabriel saying that he wanted to watch that some more I decided a Gabriel day was in order. On the way to the movies we talked about movie etiquette. He did a great job of just watching the movie without the incessant questions. The only problem was that Gabriel sat with his hands over his ears because "It's too loud!"

Okay, to our review of the movie. I enjoyed it. George was a very loveable character and I kept imagining him as a very loveable child, I saw in him and his actions some of my own kids. The animation is not of today's quality but it fit with the story line and kept with the original books. It was also a kid's movie. It did not have all the jokes and innuendos that are usually in the kid's movies of today. I don't feel like it was a waste of money because Gabriel really enjoyed it. We even went to Target after the movie and bought the sound track.

My favorite part was the balloon scene and Gabriel's were the sleeping under the tree scenes. There were two of these.

BTW, Matt and I have been to 4 movies in the time we have been married. So this being Gabriel's first movie is just par for the course. But as he requests to see more movies I think our movie going will increase.

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