Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Carmom is home-by Matt

The surgery went well, with no complications. Carmom is in bed, trying to rest from yesterday's procedure. The surgeon advised the growth was the size of a lemon, and was embedded in the abdominal muscle tissue. He had to remove the muscle around the growth through the entire depth of the muscle wall. The surrounding muscles are stretched and sewn together. The skin is also sutured. The pathology is due back by Friday. Carmom is in a good deal of pain. She made the mistake of taking her pain medicine without a full stomach this morning at 1:00 am. She starting tossing at 6:00, and has continued up to about 45 minutes ago. I had the surgeon call in a 'script this morning, and she kept the pill down for 30 minutes. After she sleeps for a while, we're supposed to get her going on a clear diet until her tummy settles. The biggest negative is that she has had a relatively major surgery, and is trying to rest while unable to take ANY pain medicine until she gets some food to stay down. The secondary concern is that she may rip her stitches if this keeps up.

For those who were praying for her, please keep doing so.


Update: 8:20, no sickness since Noon... Carmen's eating and watching TV. She slept from noon through about 5 and again from 6-8. Medicines are staying down, and she's getting food and drink. She is still in pain, but is doing much better than this morning.

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Anonymous said...

Thanks for the update MAtt.

Sorry to hear that she is in so much pain. Hope she can eat something and take her pain meds