Sunday, February 19, 2006

Abby's First Nap and Night in her new room

Yesterday afternoon Abby took a nap in her bed for the first time. We laid down with her until she went to sleep and then left. She took her normal nap sleeping for about 2 hours. Then last night Matt laid down with her until she went to sleep. She woke up one time and had lost her "passy" she managed somehow to fall out of bed. I think she slipped on the stool. Matt picked her up and she pointed to the bed. We found her "passy" gave it to her and she went right to sleep. Abby then slept through the night until 8:00 we I heard her singing in bed. She seems to be happy with her new room and bed.

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Anonymous said...

I will sleep with her and she won't need a paci I have something for her to suck.....good little girl