Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Kids have returned...

from surgery and are doing fine. Well, at least Abby is doing well. Gabriel on the other hands looks like death warmed over and refuses to eat or drink anything unless you badger him into it. We went to the hospital at 7:15 and did not return home until almost 4:00. They admitted us into the hospital so that we would be more comfortable and because they ran out of recovery rooms. While in the hospital Abby ate several of my fries and ate two cups of jello. Gabriel on the other hand did okay while at the hospital and took two popscicles and had to be forced to take that. He didn't get any better as the day or night went on. Matt slept with him in his room last night and said it was the single worst night sleep he has ever gotten. Matt said Gabriel either whined or cried all night long. He did wake me up at one point because he couldn't get him to take his pain medication. I went in and asked him if he wanted to feel better, he said, "Yes." So I told him he needed to take his medicine. right now he is sitting on the couch propped up by pillows looking pale with drool rolling out of his mouth because he refuses to swallow, and looking like he will pass out any second. I hope he begins to feel better soon. He has barely spoken and the house is too quiet with out my motor mouth. I hope he gets well soon. I also need to see some of those Gabriel smiles that light up the room. I haven't had enough of those in the last 36 hours.

Update: The kids are both napping comfortably. Gabe did not want his chicken noodle soup so we will try again later. He has begun to do a little playing and smiling though. He's a smart boy part of this is truly feeling bad while we feel that some is milking it for all it's worth. And it is kinda cute.

Last Update: We are still having to fight with Gabe to eat or drink anything but he seems to be feeling better. When Matt went out to rent some movies Gabe heard us talking and went to get his shoes to go with him. He also started playing a lot more as well and finally started getting some color back. Hopefully he will be able to rest soundly tonight and not have such a fretful night as before.


Mattdaddy said...

as of 10:30, he's doing much better. He got himself dressed (picked out his own clothes and did a great job). He's smiled at me several times and mumbled a few phrases.

Anonymous said...

Poor things!!

Hope they are feeling better soon