Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Get Well Gifts

We want to say a huge THANK YOU to NiNi and Grandaddy for the get well gifts. These have helped to make a tough time for the kids even better. Gabriel gave a great big smile when I told him he had received a package. This was great for us to see. I love the book you sent. Thank you so much for thinking of the kids.

We also had a friend of ours who brought us dinner last night. Ms. Robin brought us pizza and an apple cake. Both were delicious. Thank you.

We also want to Thank eveyone who has called or left us a message on the blog,


Captain Stomock said...

Did you get the extremely expensive gifts we sent? We didn't insure them, so if they got lost, we can't replace them.

Mattdaddy said...

yes, we did thanks, so much for the very thoughtful gift. :)

Mattdaddy said...

Gabriel especially likes the gold-plated theramin, but wants to know why that one part doesn't work right?