Thursday, October 06, 2005

The Things I Love About My Kids

I love it when my kids tell me they love me.

I love hearing the kids laugh and giggle.

I love it when they play together.

I love watching Gabriel read to his sister.

I love it when Gabriel holds Abby's hand as she walks.

I love it when Abby spontaneously gives kisses.

I love it when the kids smile.

I love it when they ask to sit with you and read a book.

I love it when Gabriel helps pick up toys without being asked.

I love it when Gabriel and Abby go running to the door screaming "Daddy!!!" when Matt comes home from work.

I love it when Gabriel tells stories that he makes up.

There are many more things I love about my kids. This is just a start. I really enjoy being a mom and motherhood is a wonderful experience. This is to remind me that they do many good things throughout the day that don't annoy me. I love my kids.


Anonymous said...

I love it when Matt's in town to help with the kids?

Carmom said...
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