Friday, October 07, 2005

Ear Infections All Around

Well, I took both kids to the doctor this morning. Took Gabriel in because the speech thearpist thought that maybe the congestion she was hearing was in his ears. I took Abby in because she has had a runny nose for about two weeks. Both have ear infections and there was no way for me to know. No complaints, fever, abnormal sleep, etc. The doctor told me that 50% of ear infections have no symptoms at all. He also said that my children are "silent suffers." I really wish that I knew how to tell wether or not they had an ear infection. I guess I'll have to be more deligent on taking them to the doctor when they have signs of congestion. I don't know what else to do. Their ear infections may be related to both of their speech delays. Abby is not saying as much as I expect she should as an 19 month old. And Gabriel seems to hear only certain sounds and pitches. So we will see how things go once their ears a clear. We have another appointment in two weeks to make sure they are clear and they stay that way. I hope it helps. Oh, and talk about a trip the the pharmacy we ended up with two perscriptions for each child and one for me. I think that was the most we have ever carried away from the pharmacy in one visit.

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jenianddean said...

I posted a banana-nut bread recipe for you on our blog. I hope you enjoy it.