Tuesday, October 04, 2005

I Just Read A Great Children's Book

Yesterday we went to the library for story time. While we were their we chose books to take home. Gabriel and Abby both have their own library cards. Anyway one of the books we chose was entitled When Mommy Was MAD by Lynne Jonell and Petra Mathers. It was a very cute book about how a little boy deals with his mothers' anger. In the book the mom is mad at dad and she 'forgets' to kiss daddy goodbye. The little boy tries to think and fix what he could have done wrong. Finally he gets mad because nothing works and he wants attention. He 'borks', by bumping into her, his mother because he is a borkupine (porcupine). Finally the mother realizes that he is angry. He says he is borking her because he is a borkupine because he is feeling prickly. Mom says she was feeling prickly too and asked how two porcupines snuggle. His idea is to rub noses to make friends, then smooth down the prickles. After that you wrap up in something fuzzy and be very soft together. It was very cute and a must read.

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