Saturday, October 15, 2005

Allergies and Vaccines

Well, Matt is home and we are all happy that he made it back in one piece and not worse for wear. He said that his allergies cleared up in Mexico and now they are once again going haywire. I have never been one to look forward to the first frost but this year I am with my family all suffering from allergies. Gabriel sounds much better but Abby's nose has continued to run like a faucet and it is a yellowish color. Gabriel and Abby are still on antibiotics for 3 more days but I have the feeling they may need another round. I shall call the doctor on Monday to set up their follow up appointment. Matt also needs to set up an appointment with the doctor so that he can get some more Allegra. Hopefully when the first frost comes it will help with all these problems.

My next question is wether or not to get Abby the flu shot. Right now she is the only one in a risk catergory, so she is the only one that qualifies to get the flu shot at the present time. "Knock on wood" but I have not had the flu since high school and Matt has not had it since I've known him. I know Matt will not get the flu shot after he got so sick the year he did get it. I have never gotten the shot even when I was working in the preschool and was pregnant. I almost feel that the best preventive is washing properly and taking other precautions like not drinking out of public water fountains. I guess I am more concerned about the kids because of them putting their fingers and other objects into their mouths and being around so many other children. I am just not sure about the risk factors and if the shot will even work on this years strain. Though the doctor who came and spoke to the MOPS group on Wednesday said that there was a cross over for the flu vaccine which means it should at least lessen the effects. So this is something I am really going to have to think about. She also said that their was no question in her mind as to wether or not to have her kids vaccinated for the flu. She said she would do it hands down.

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