Thursday, September 08, 2005

Shrimp Boat

Because of Hurricane Katrina we went to South Carolina instead of Flordia to go to the beach. On the recommendation of an employee of my mothers we went to Seabrook Island. The house we stayed in while we were there was located near a marina. We were able to ejoy watching the shrimp boats coming in and out off the ocean. Though after talking to several of the shop owners nearby we were shocked to hear that the boat captains had been chumming the waters of the marina. There were reports of three sharks two of which were killed and one of which was still on the loose. This one happened to be estimated at 600 lbs. We later talked to a friend of my sister's who lives in Charleston who said that this story had made the front page of the Charleston news paper. This did not set well with us. We did have a wonderful time though and because of the ages of the kids we were never very deep.


Diamond Dealer said...
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Mattdaddy said...

"Swimming with Sharks"

not cool.

jenianddean said...


I'll post the banana bread recipe over the weekend for you. Isn't Charleston a beautiful town?


Carmom said...

We loved it. I just wish we didn't have 4 children under 3 to deal with. I would have liked to spend more time looking at all the beautiful buildings. I also got an 8.00 parking ticket.
Thanks, Carmen

Matt said...

That would've been a 35.00 ticket in Nashville. I love Charleston.