Friday, September 09, 2005

The Mum Fest at Elsbury Greenhouse

This morning I picked up yesterday's paper to read it since I never got the chance yesterday. In the paper their was an ad for the 2005 Mumfest at Elsbury's Greenhouse. They are going to have a bounce castle, wagon rides, corn maze, petting zoo, Mumwalk, corn and soybean playbox, pumpkin painting and much more, the ad says. I have been wanting to buy a couple of flats of pansies and a few mums and since my parent's nursery is so far away this will have to do. They will also be having several specials on plants. I think this will be fun for the whole family to do and I am looking forward to it.

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Carmom said...

We had a farily good time but did not buy anything. I found it hard to buy from them when I can get plants from my parents. They also did not have the quality of plants that my parents carry.