Sunday, September 11, 2005

Gabriel Steals

While in the mall last weekend we stopped at Hound Dogs a UT fan store. While I was shopping Gabriel was looking at the little toys and stuff. I was pricing the jerseys and trying to decide wether or not to get one for Gabriel. I hear Gabriel say this is for Grandaddy. I told him, without paying much attention, "No, that we were not getting anything for Grandaddy today put it back." After a few more minutes of looking around we leave. We do some more shopping and then we call Cathy to meet her for lunch. As I am finishing up on the phone Gabriel starts saying, "This is for Grandaddy." I hang up the phone and look down. Gabriel is holding a stuffed UT football. I ask him where he got it and he says again, "This is for Grandaddy." I look at the tag and find that it is from Hound Dogs. Since we had just set our lunch plans we went on out to the car all the while lecturing Gabriel on how it's not okay to take things from the store without paying for it first. Later that night we went back and return it. I very much doubt he remembers any of it though. Though I think Gabriel will be buying his Grandaddy a UT football for Christmas.

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