Monday, August 15, 2005

Viral Rash or Contact Rash

Ever since Friday evening Abby has had a rash on the back of her neck. She had scratched it and so it had scabs from all the scratching. We assumed that it was due to the blueberry shampoo that we had used on her. We stopped using it and put cortaid on it and gave her some Bendryl. This really didn't seem to help as the rash continued to spread to her stomach. Then on Sunday she woke up with raised red bumps all over her body. The rash before that had been barely visable but it could be felt if you ran your hand across her body. This morning I called the doctor's office and took her in to have if checked out. They had me enter in through the back door since no one knew what it is and, so as not to infect the other children in either waiting room. The doctor looked at it and said he was fairly certain it was a viral rash though there is nothing else associated with the rash. Abby has no fever, vomiting, upset stomach, etc. Just the rash. The doctor gave us a perscription of antihistamine and told us to go home. Hopefully no one else will come down with this, especially our two month old nephew, Evan. Who Abby loved to touch and look at whenever she saw him.

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