Sunday, August 07, 2005

A Story I'll Never Live Down

Several years ago when Matt and I were dating we were visiting at my parent's house. Mom wanted Beef Stroganoff for dinner. I told her I would help make it. As I was making it the recipe called for a can of beef bullion. I didn't realize there was liquid beef bullion, as all I had ever seen were the granules. I proceeded to open a new jar of beef bullion granules and pour it into the electric skillet. Later mom came over and tasted the Stroganoff and screwed her mouth up in a very sour expression and said it was way to salty. She asked me what I had put into Stroganoff. As she was going through the recipe she came to the bullion and asked how much I had put into the recipe I motioned to the jar of bullion sitting beside the skillet. She looked at me and asked how much I had put in I told her I had put the entire jar into the skillet. She looked at me laughing along with Matt who had come over. She explained that there was liquid bullion and that I had put in way too much as a Teaspoon of the granules is equal to a cup of the liquid. Mom doctored the stroganoff and made it edible. As Matt did last week, this story is often brought up by someone in my family especially when Stroganoff or bullion is mentioned.

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