Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Raise the Roof!!

Because of a hail storm in October we are getting a new roof on our house. And the banging is driving me nuts. But I think it is bothering Matt even more because every. single. time. there is a bang Matt thinks it's one of the kids falling. And the kids aren't even home. My old shingles were no longer available so I had to find something else I liked. I think I drove my roofer a little nuts driving around looking at roofs and calling him as asking him to look at that one and tell me if it's available. It's a good thing he's my neighbor and my girls and his little girl are friends otherwise he might have said that he couldn't work with me. I loved the roof on our house but I think I will like this one too. I can't wait to see the new roof completed. Though I will not miss the hammering and banging nosies that the roofers are making. I am sure that I will have a lot of clean up after they leave no matter how good they are about cleaning up after themselves. There will probably be lots of nails and shingle scraps that I will find as we start our spring routines in the garden.

On another note though slightly the same, we are hopeful that with this new roof we will finally get our dining room to stop leaking as well. We have been dealing with that since September. Right before Halloween we thought it was fixed and then it leaked again and again and again. They still haven't figured out what is causing the leak and the leak keeps moving. The gutters will be replaced as well and our roofer thinks that if it is anywhere it is probably something there that is causing the leak. I still think it is somewhere behind the bricks. But these guys should know what they are doing. If all this other work doesn't take care of the leak then the bricks will be coming off next.


Jane Anne said...

Oh poor Matt! I understand. Thomas fell off his bed last week (at night) at had to had stitches. Now, every time I hear a sound at night, I'm afraid he's falling out of bed again. I think I'm driving Seth crazy with the, "What was that?!"

I hope the roof gets fix quickly and that you are happy with it.

Alejamuel Sultz said...

How's your new roof now? That's probably the end of all the leaking problems in your dining room. By the way, what kind of roofing material did you use? Is it the same as the old one? I any, I hope for the best for you and yours!

Kip Whitehead said...

You are lucky to have a neighbor who is actually a roofer! It must have been awful to have a leak in the dining room. Well, now that it’s all patched up, maintain your roof by checking for leaks regularly and patching up holes, if there are any.

Nelson Mcglaughlin said...

Well, it seems the hailstorm has made you some favor right there! If not for the hailstorm, you will not appreciate the new roof that was installed! Hehe! Anyways, you're lucky to have a neighbor that is a roofer! That makes the solution a lot easier! And you can ask for discounts, too! :)

[Nelson Mcglaughlin]