Tuesday, November 01, 2011

Happy Halloween- Trick or Treating

I hope that everyone had a Happy and Safe Halloween! We sure did. Gabe and Abby ended up taking off with their friends from the neighborhood. Abby enjoyed riding in style on a golf cart with our neighbor across the street. And Gabe rode with a friend from school in the back of her parent's truck. Both had a blast. Elizabeth and I walked around with our friends who have joined us for Trick or Treating for the 3rd year in a row. Everyone one brought home a load full of candy. It was enough to refill our empty basket!!

Before Trick or Treating
Our Pumpkins

This guy scared me to death. When I walked onto the porch he was sitting down. Once I turned my back he snuck up behind me. It was pretty cool!

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Carrie said...

Such a fun night! It's so dark there! It always seems so early when we start and we're usually done before it's dark! :-)

your Elizabeth and EMily had the same witch costume! ;-) I love it! I love halloween! Miss you guys!