Wednesday, September 07, 2011

Tasty Tuesday-Ant Invasion

Okay, so this is a really late Labor Day post. So I am now making it a taste Tuesday post instead!

We headed to Chattanooga for Labor Day to visit with my family and to go to my Aunt's for a pot luck lunch and dinner and some swimming. There was so much G-O-O-D food that we stuffed ourselves on that I was full for the rest of the day! Our food table must have looked good to the ants too because it was invaded by a bunch of hungry ants that decided that they like the food too! They started carting off the watermelon and if we hadn't taken control of the situation by eating them I am sure they would have carted off all that good food. And where would that have left all those hungry mouths waiting to chomp down on salads galore, fried fish, okra, hushpuppies and dessert. We took care of those ants though and there wasn't on left!

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Carrie said...

You make the BEST treats! How cute are these?! they look delicious and sounds like you had a great Labor Day! I've been thinking about you!
{sorry about your dining room...hope that gets taken care of quickly!}

Miss you and can't wait to see what else you make for the holidays!