Monday, February 14, 2011

Happy Valentine's Day

I love holidays! Holidays give me the opportunity to explore my creative side. And sometimes I am able to come up with fun stuff of my own and then in other cases get and expand on the ideas of others. I love to try and make special meals to go along with the holiday we are celebrating. For this year's special meal I made Sliders. Yeah, I know pretty ordinary but with some added flair they make a festive meal.

Here's another fun and fabulous treat with Valentine's Day written all over it. Chocolate Covered Strawberries! I made this batch of beauties for Abby's classroom Valentine's Party.

Unfortunately, Abby started running a fever again last night and was unable to attend her party. I went in and dropped off all her goodies and picked up her Valentines. Matt must have told her what I was doing because she met me at the door with a huge smile on her face. These must have made her feel better and loved by her class. I am so glad to see her smiling even though she has had a tough day of disappointment.

For the kids' teachers I made "Love Potion". It was an extremely simple idea that I got from Kalleen over At Second Street. The teachers loved their "Love Potion". I even heard through the grapevine that they were showing it off to their co-workers. They loved them!

And the last treat I made was a big batch of chocolate covered pretzels. I found some of the cutest XO sprinkles to sprinkle over the chocolate. I was going to have the kids help but when I realized that Abby was sick I figured I had better make them myself so that we don't spread the germs. Anyway, I think they turned our adorable. And the kids we proud to hand them out along with their Valentine's Day cards.
I hope you have an awesome day celebrating with those that you love. Thank you so much for stopping by.


Jane Anne said...

Oh! I like your ideas. The love potion is cute and the pretzels look delicious... but the chocolate covered strawberries are my favorite thing ever. Please tell me what you did to make those! I've never looked into making them but chocolate and strawberry together is my favorite combination.

Carrie said...

YUMMMMMMMMMEEEEEE! I miss your fun and delicious treats! Those are all so cute! I hope Abby feels's always hard when they have to miss out on a fun party. She looks so cute ;-)

Enjoy your day! Miss you!

Laura said...

WOW! Everything you made sounds so good. Sorry to hear that Abby's sick. Makes for a not so fun Valentine's day. :( We ended up going out for a family Valentine's dinner at Texas Roadhouse tonight. By far not the most romantic place to go but since we couldn't get a sitter it seemed like a good place to go. Noisey but the food was as usual excellent. I miss all the fun creative and crafty things you find to do to make things special. Bet your kids were so excited to share all the goodies with their friends. The schools here have gone to a healthy initiative program here which I fully support. I just think when the kids have holiday parties that special cookies or cupcakes should be allowed. I had to buy mini muffins for the kids treats today. Hope you and Matt found some time to do something together today. Happy Valentine's Day!!!!! Oh whoops. Didn't realize it's already Tuesday. This woman's go to go to bed. Talk to you again soon. ---Laura