Friday, July 09, 2010

Our Last Day in the Smokies

We spent our last day in the Smokies picking out our souvenirs and enjoying the river. Abby and Elizabeth both picked out a stuffed animals and Gabe got a walking stick with patches of the hikes we did this last week. Here's Elizabeth with her new friend.

Elizabeth's new friend's name is Marigold. Isn't her smile priceless.

After leaving the Sugarlands Visitor Center we headed up the mountain to the Chimney Tops picnic area to enjoy climbing on the rocks one last time. I took hundreds of pictures literally, 465 to be exact. Here are a few of my favorites.

There were dozens of butterflies sunny themselves and drinking water on the rocks. The girls spent at least an hour watching, holding and catching the butterflies. It was so awesome seeing so many butterflies in one place in "the wild".

We hope to be able to go back again soon. Maybe this fall. We had an awesome time and loved every minute of it!!

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