Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Little Girl in a Green Dress

This week I have had my sister's two children visiting with us. Today we headed for movies and pizza. After lunch we headed to Micheal's to pick up a few supplies for the 4th of July t-shirts we were making later in the day. I got through the store with my gaggle of children without much incident and without buying more than what I had gone into the store for. I was checking out when over the intercom I hear, "We have a little girl in a green dress who's calling for her mommy. Come to the florist counter." I looked up and said that's one of mine. As I walked back to the florist area I was preparing myself for a crying child. Surprisingly enough she was not crying when I got to her. She just came running and wouldn't let me put her down. Though she did ask if I was looking for her. And I am feeling really bad right now that I didn't even notice that she was missing. I mean how could I tell my little girl I didn't even notice that she was gone. I think I would have noticed on the way out of the store but I honestly thought she was hanging out on the bench with the other four children. I called my sister and told her that shopping with more than my three was just too much for me. She laughed and I did too since I was so happy that I had her back, even though I didn't know she was missing. I just hope and pray that this sticks with Elizabeth and that she doesn't wonder off next time.

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Carrie said...

Oh no! I will never forget when I did that with Emily at Kohl's, except I knew she was gone and they had to call a Code Yellow over the speaker! Too funny...now :) she's really growing up, so smart of her to find help...and she's so adorable! Sometimes I don't even know what Emily is wearing...I might have taken longer to figure out still! haha!